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Auto Glass in St. Louis

As an authorized distributor of PPG, LOF and Carlite auto glass, you can count on Metropolitan Glass Company to provide your vehicle with the finest in auto glass products. We take pride in our status as a union shop. Our mechanics are trained to offer quality workmanship guaranteed for life.

We have been providing expert replacement for more than 40 years!

Windshield Replacement or Repair – Foreign or Domestic

We service all types of glass for cars, trucks, buses, boats, heavy equipment and RVs. We are insurance company approved. We can provide mobile service, or you can come to our full-service repair shops. We can seal water leaks and repair car door window regulators. If your rearview mirror falls off or the side-view mirror gets cracked, we can help you see again. Contact us today.

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Call Us, Because We Aren't Calling You

You may have been contacted in the past by telemarketers inquiring about your current auto glass replacement or repair needs. The timing of the call may have been awkward: during dinner, while viewing a favorite television program or after a hectic day on the job. You also may have been unclear as to who was calling you.

Let us reassure you of one simple fact: Metropolitan Glass Company does not telemarket consumers for the purpose of soliciting business relative to their auto glass replacement and repair needs. Any company misrepresenting themselves during their phone calls could be breaking the law and violating the Association of Teleservices International Code of Ethics.

When you call Metropolitan Glass Company for your replacement and repair needs, we'll come to you with our mobile service and guarantee the work. You're assured of the highest-quality work with Metropolitan Glass. You value your time at home with loved ones. If you were caught at a bad time by an auto glass telemarketer, it wasn't us. Simply give us a call for your auto glass replacement or repair needs. We're just a convenient phone call away.